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Modern psychotherapy integrated with EMDR, somatics, and holistic health. 

Life can lead us down some pretty confusing paths sometimes, which can leave us spinning and exhausted. There are things that happen in our lives that change, shape, even traumatize us, and they have a very real impact on the way we interact with our world and the people in it, especially those we care about most. While the compilation of all these memories and narratives are what make us all so incredibly unique and interesting, they also have the potential to disrupt our lives and keep us from living the way we wish. 

Trying to figure out all the reasons why we do the things we do, and how we can think, react, and behave in a more desirable way can be truly exhausting. You don't have to figure it all out on your own. We all need to take a step back sometimes and view our issues from a fresh perspective to see them clearly. Seeking help in that process is not a last resort. People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, but the vast majority just have a knowing or hope that there is another way to be, and that they deserve to feel better. 

I take an integrative approach to therapy by holistically blending talk with EMDR, a cutting-edge therapy that taps into your brain's natural ability to create new, more positive pathways, and leave negative beliefs in the past where they belong. Embracing the unique parts of yourself that have gotten you this far and finally leaving those old beliefs behind frees up the space for you to experience and interact with your world as a healthier, happier, and more content person. 

You've made your way to this space for a reason. Feel free to click around! And then reach out so we can chat about what you need and how I can help. I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation at no charge to explore whether we would be a good match for your journey into self-work.